Our services include Clinic-Based ABA, Play-Groups, School-Based, and Family Connections


When looking for a clinic-based setting for ABA therapy, interAct is the place to be! As a small therapy clinic, we offer structure, reduced distractions, and more opportunities to facilitate learning. Research shows that when clients are seen in-clinic, it helps them easily acclimate to new situations, new faces, and new challenges. We focus on the areas below in the clinic setting: 

  • Consultation Service for Families
  • ABA Services
  • Case Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Stereotyped or Repetitive Motor Movement
  • Advocacy for Clients and Families
  • Public Playgroup for Neurotypical Individuals
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Highly Restricted, Fixated Interests


All children learn through play! Play groups are composed of a small group of children with similar skill and development strengths. interAct will create an enriched environment to support and develop new skills. Below are the areas of skill development:

  • Child Focused
  • Communication
  • Friendships
  • Identity Development
  • Socialization
  • Creative
  • Emotional Development
  • Flexible Play


As a parent, your number one concern is the growth and success of your child! Sometimes, as a parent, you may have to reach out and utilize additional support to ensure this is possible for your child. At interAct, we offer a school-based support program utilizing various principals of ABA to address individual needs and ensures success is possible! Below are the focus areas for our school-based line of service. 

  • One on One Support in the Classroom
  • Customization of Curriculum
  • Assist in Transition to Adulthood
  • Social Skills
  • Behavioral Consultation
  • Advocacy for Families during IEP Meetings
  • Language Communication
  • Play and Leisure Skills


Children need the support of their family and their caregivers! With appropriate resources, caregivers are better equipped to make informed decisions regarding their child’s care. Here at interAct, our goal is to empower the caregiver to continue to be their child’s number one advocate. Below are the areas of focus: 

  • Community Connections
  • Caregiver Collaboration 
  • Support
  • Caregiver Feedback 
  • Advocacy
  • Coaching
  • Observation
  • Problem Solving 
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